Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (2024)

If you’re looking for beautiful, simple and creative Valentines Crafts for Kids during the season of Love, then look no further. I have scoured the net to collate 50+ of our favourite crafts.

Here, you will find a little bit of everything from cute DIY Valentines Day cards, to Heart Art Projects and the sweetest ‘heart’ animals crafts you will ever see, and much much more.

50 + Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (1)

Cardboard Love Bug | Art Campla

Cute Panda Card (Template Included) | Arty Crafty Kids

Valentine Heart Unicorn | Crafty Morning

Cardboard Heart Decorations | Arty Crafty Kids

Paper Plate Heart Cloud | Pink Stripey Socks

Bouquet of Hearts Card | Make & Takes

Sewn Leaf Hearts | Mother Natured

Handprint Valentines Tree | Arty Crafty Kids

Bee Happy Paper Plate Craft | Kids Craft Room

Strawberry Valentine’s Day Card | The Resourceful Mama

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (2)

Fingerprint Heart Valentine’s Tree | Arty Crafty Kids

Yarn Wrapped Heart Garland | A Wonderful Thought

Handprint Heart Balloon Card | Fun Handprint Art Blog

CardboardHeart Wing | Make it yourOwn

Kandinsky Inspired Heart Art | Arty Crafty Kids

Black Glue Heart Suncatcher | Adventure in a Box

STEM Build a Heart Activity | Buggy & Buddy

Paper Roll Valentine’s Mice | Non-Toy Gifts

Valentine’s Marbled Milk Paper Book | Meri Cherry

Cardboard Heart Craft | The Pinterested Parent

Romero Britto Heart Art

Romero Britto Heart Art | Arty Crafty Kids

Be part of the Happiness Art Movement with our Romero Britto-inspired Heart Art using printable Drawing Prompts!

This art project focuses on making patterns and using bright, lively colors to create joyful and energetic art. Great for kids who love playful designs!

Rocking Coloring Craft Card for Valentine’s Day

Rocking Cat Valentine Card | Arty Crafty Kids

Share love with our cute Rocking Cat Coloring Valentine’s Day Card and let that special someone know they’re “puurrrfect”!

This DIY Valentine’s card combines coloring and crafting for everyone to enjoy.

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (5)

Heart Handprint Tree | I Heart Crafty Things

Love Bug Card | Arty Crafty Kids

Hedgehog Valentine’s Day Card | Fireflies and Mudpies

Heart Shaped Purses | Creating Creatives

Squiggle Heart and Watercolour Heart | Arty CraftyKids

Flower BouquetCard | Barley and Birch

Love Bug | Rhythmsof Play

Spin Art Hearts | Projects with Kids

Pet Treat Valentine’s Printables | Box of Ideas

Footprint Heart Art | The Best Ideas for Kids

Pop-up Heart Card Valentine Day Craft

Pop-Up Valentine Heart Card | Arty Crafty Kids

Create a heart pop-up card for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

This easy-to-make and delightful heart pop-up card can be personalized by your Arty Crafty Kids to craft a beautiful card for someone very special.

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (7)

Twirled Paper Roses Heart | Easy Peasy and Fun

Glitter Handprint Clay Ornament | Arty Crafty Kids

Doily Flower Bouquet| I Heart Crafty Things

Fingerprint Heart Frame | Teach Me Mommy

Watercolour 3D Flowers | Babble Dabble Do

Fingerprint Heart Friendship Rocks | Hellow Wonderful

Fingerprint Heart Keepsake | The Printerested Parent

FingerprintHeart Balloon Card | Little Fishes

Heart Colouring Bookmark | Arty Crafty Kids

Tissue Paper Heart Flowers | Kenarry

Sunburst Heart Art Idea

Sunburst Heart Art Idea | Arty Crafty Kids

Our heart sunburst painting idea makes watercolor fun with kids! It helps them explore colors through creative play and experimenting.

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (9)

Heart Card Buddy | Fireflies and Mudpies

3D Heart Penguin | Non-Toy Gifts

Paper Plate Love Birds | Arty Crafty Kids

Heart Zebra Craft | Crafty Morning

Heart Sunset Burst | Art Bar

Valentine’s Messenger Pigeon | Barely & Birch

Suncatcher ‘I Love you to Pieces’ Card | Learning and Exploring Through Play

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards | Hello Wonderful

Peaco*ck Heart Craft | I Heart Arts n Crafts

Fingerprint Heart Valentine Tree | Easy Peasy & Fun

Printable Panda Valentine Card for Kids to Make

Panda Valentine’s Day Card | Arty Crafty Kids

Want a simple, cute, and fun craft for Valentine’s Day with kids? Check out our adorable Printable Panda Heart Card! Just lift the panda’s arm to open the heart card and uncover a special message.

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (11)

Heart Mosiac Craft | Crafts on Sea

Love Bird Handprint Craft | Kids Craft Room

Toddler Made Valentine’s Hearts | Arty Crafty Kids

Quilled Paper Heart Craft | Red Ted Art

Fabric Scrap Heart | Paper & Glue

Love Robot Cards | Crafts by Amanda

Picasso’s Rose Period Woven Hearts | Deep Space Sparkle

Shaving Cream Painted Hearts | Hello Wonderful

I Love you Because…’ card | Make it Your Own

Mess Free Heart Painting | The Best Ideas for Kids

Owl Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Owl with a Pop-Up Heart Card | Arty Crafty Kids

This cute owl card with a heart pop-up is ideal for Valentine’s Day crafting!

Mondrian Heart Art Project for Valentine’s Day

Mondrian Heart Art | Arty Crafty Kids

This Mondrian Heart Art Project is made for kids of all ages. From simple coloring and sticking for preschoolers to creating Mondrian-inspired art.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet | Arty Crafty Kids

This wonderful flower craft is a great gift to express love on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions. Teachers would also cherish this lovely gift at the end of the term.

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (15)

Bonus Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids

Check out our extra coloring pages for Valentine’s Day! They’re an exciting addition to our compilation of over 50 creative Valentines Day crafts specially designed for this occasion.

These bonus pages offer more ways to add your personal touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations, providing a fun and artistic way to express love and creativity!

3D Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Kids

3D Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages | Arty Crafty Kids

In the spirit of love and friendship this season, we’ve created three beautiful 3D Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Crafts, perfect for your kids to cherish and enjoy!

30+ Valentine’s Day Heart Coloring Pages for Kids

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (17)

Heart Coloring Pages | Arty Crafty Kids

Prepare to bring a dose of love and delight to your day with our fantastic range of Printable Heart Coloring Pages for Kids! Dive into a variety of free heart-themed coloring sheets that are ready to be printed and enjoyed.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in arts and crafts, I am thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise in the realm of Valentine's Day crafts for kids. With years of experience and a deep passion for creativity, I have scoured the internet to compile over 50 of our favorite crafts for this season of love.

In this extensive collection, you will find a wide variety of beautiful, simple, and creative Valentine's Day crafts that are perfect for kids. From DIY Valentine's Day cards to heart art projects and adorable "heart" animal crafts, we have it all. These crafts are designed to ignite the imagination, foster creativity, and provide a delightful experience for children.

Let's dive into the concepts used in these crafts:

  1. Cardboard Love Bug: This craft involves using cardboard to create adorable love bugs. It teaches kids the art of recycling and encourages them to create cute insects using simple materials.

  2. Cute Panda Card: With a template included, this craft allows kids to make a charming panda-themed Valentine's Day card. It combines the joy of coloring and crafting, making it an enjoyable activity for children.

  3. Valentine Heart Unicorn: Crafty Morning presents a craft that involves creating a unicorn with a heart-shaped body. This whimsical craft combines the magic of unicorns with the love-filled spirit of Valentine's Day.

  4. Cardboard Heart Decorations: Arty Crafty Kids provides instructions on how to create heart-shaped decorations using cardboard. This craft encourages kids to explore their creativity and decorate their surroundings with love-themed art.

  5. Paper Plate Heart Cloud: Pink Stripey Socks offers a craft that involves transforming a paper plate into a heart-shaped cloud. This craft is perfect for younger children and encourages them to explore shapes and colors.

  6. Bouquet of Hearts Card: Make & Takes presents a craft that allows kids to create a beautiful bouquet of hearts on a card. This craft encourages children to express their love and appreciation for others through thoughtful gestures.

  7. Sewn Leaf Hearts: Mother Natured provides a craft that involves sewing heart-shaped leaves together. This nature-inspired craft teaches kids about the beauty of the outdoors while fostering their fine motor skills.

  8. Handprint Valentines Tree: Arty Crafty Kids presents a craft that allows children to create a tree using their handprints. This craft encourages kids to explore different textures and colors while creating a beautiful piece of art.

  9. Bee Happy Paper Plate Craft: Kids Craft Room offers a craft that involves creating a happy bee using a paper plate. This craft helps children learn about insects and encourages them to embrace positivity and happiness.

  10. Strawberry Valentine's Day Card: The Resourceful Mama presents a craft that involves creating a strawberry-themed Valentine's Day card. This craft allows children to explore their creativity while expressing their love for others.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of crafts included in our collection. Whether it's making heart-shaped decorations, creating adorable animal-themed cards, or exploring different art techniques, these crafts are sure to bring joy and creativity to your Valentine's Day celebrations.

Remember, crafting is not only a fun way to spend time with your kids, but it also encourages their artistic development, fine motor skills, and self-expression. So, gather your materials and immerse yourselves in the world of Valentine's Day crafts for kids. Let the love and creativity flow!

Must See Valentines Crafts for Kids (2024)
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