THE BOYS Star Erin Moriarty Hits Back At Claims She's Undergone Extensive Plastic Surgery (2024)


FireandBlood -1/27/2024,10:09 AM

She’s had work done, tho. How you buying a new face then getting upset people noticed? 🥴

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Shivermetimbers -1/27/2024,10:58 AM

@FireandBlood - Right? At the very least you can tell her lips were done (that never looks good to me, I dont understand it). Also looks like she had some buccal reduction done, possible even jaw enhancement. She looks fine either way.

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MisterDoctor217 -1/27/2024,11:39 AM

@Shivermetimbers -

Exactly ! I mean we can’t pretend that she didn’t do anything.

I mean I get that she’s being bullied and all, but her being a public figure , what kind of message does it send that she lies about having wildly done?
I think it would be more productive to admit it and make it less taboo

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MisterRiviera -1/27/2024,12:49 PM

@FireandBlood - But has she though? I've seen women use makeup to transform their faces so much that you would think they had work done. We can speculate but that's as far as it goes.

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Apophis71 -1/27/2024,4:56 PM

@MisterRiviera - Also states she had been going through a lot thus not sleeping or eating well and had thus lost a lot of weight too so tough to say anything definitive either way without even factoring in that some will call stuff like fillers or Botox plastic surgery when they are not (even if personaly against the stuff, their body their choice however for those who do have stuff like that done). Just think more than anything else it is rich someone most will assume has had a lot of surgery and/or uses fillers/botox being the one to call out anyone else on it regardless if any truth to it or not (in both cases).

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valmic -1/27/2024,10:11 AM

She was so cute already. I blame the khardashians and all the bullSh they started. All these young girls think thats pretty now.

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Humperdink -1/27/2024,12:12 PM

@valmic -

I blame the khardashians and all the bullSh they started.

Kardashians didn't start it, but they certainly helped further mainstream it via social media. Social media helped to readily propel these unrealistic standards around the world.

Young girls being insecure about their looks is a broader problem that has been reinforced across all media in various forms for generations I was alive when they were going bulimic and anorexic just to match Vogue magazine and the modeling industries "heroin chic" trends.

Common elective plastic surgery really started picking up steam in the 1970s and 1980s.

Honestly there's enough blame to spread around.

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Variant -1/27/2024,4:37 PM

@valmic - Nothing wrong with the Kardashians. They're actually much kinder people than the folks that hate on them. I'll take kindness over hate ANY day.

vectorsigma -1/27/2024,10:13 AM

Her face is like the new MCU. New, but horrible

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tylerzero -1/27/2024,12:42 PM

@vectorsigma -

THE BOYS Star Erin Moriarty Hits Back At Claims She's Undergone Extensive Plastic Surgery (11)

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Variant -1/27/2024,4:37 PM

@vectorsigma - Do you read the articles at all or nah?

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vectorsigma -1/28/2024,4:10 AM

@Variant - who in their right mind would read a josh tmz article?

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EarlChai -1/27/2024,10:14 AM

Dang, she’s claiming that was makeup? I was always too nerdy as a teen to learn about makeup, but if it can make that drastic of a change I should start—maybe it can make my tubby face look like ScarJo’s! 😂😜

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Sabre81 -1/27/2024,3:08 PM

@EarlChai - Yes, dang!!!! Obvious on the cheeks alone that she has work done lol I could barely look at the picture let alone her lips. I used to word a charity above a rhinoplasty and used to see girls walking out with Walrus face...but that is just a turn of events.

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TheyDont -1/27/2024,10:18 AM

She's a public face, and she destroyed that face. Why is she surprised?

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SethBullock -1/27/2024,10:19 AM

She destroyed her face with completely unnecessary plastic surgery.

She obviously shouldn't be bullied, but when you do something like that, people are going to react, and some/many of them will do it in a mean way.

But this is not something new, her face already looked very different in season 3, if you do something like that people will notice it and it's distracting, because almost every time she was on screen I couldn't avoid to think "why the f*ck did she have to do that to her face".

If I was a producer in a big show I would forbid actors by contract to touch their faces with surgery unless it was completely necessary for health reasons.

And as of late I've seen many other pretty young ladies doing similar mistakes, I know they are adults that can do whatever they want but I would retire their licences to the doctors that told them that it was ok to ruin their faces like that.

vectorsigma -1/27/2024,10:27 AM

@SethBullock - i ageee on this being part of the contract. If they change too much, might as well recast

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Chaos200 -1/27/2024,10:19 AM

Before she looked like a nice healthy meal but now she looks like cake, sugar and condensed milk, bad for you bu
but tastes so [frick]ing good, yummy.

Sorry it's been a while. But I would devour alla dat she got that evil sexy bitch look too D-X

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TheyDont -1/27/2024,10:40 AM

@Chaos200 - Dude, you need to go inside and touch yourself.

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GhostDog -1/27/2024,10:21 AM

She still had work done. Which is crazy, she was beautiful already

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CerealKiller1 -1/27/2024,10:26 AM

Ah, one of those articles where you get to see what a lot of the members of this site are like deep down as human beings. Yay

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ANewPope -1/27/2024,7:06 PM

@CerealKiller1 - Case in point, that Chaos200 freak.

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JustAWaffle -1/27/2024,10:31 AM

Age is seen as an enemy in modern times. It slowly creeps on us and some look better than others (we can’t all be John Stamos). But that’s just life. We can try and go the plastic surgery route, but often times it makes us look plastic and unreal. Not to mention less appealing to many. Best thing we can do is lean into it and appreciate the grays as they come.

But what do I know? I’m just a waffle.

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Superspecialawesomeguy -1/27/2024,10:32 AM

Wait she's saying this is all due to makeup?

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DeadClunge -1/27/2024,10:34 AM

I hear what she's saying but them lips are telling a different story to the ones she had before.

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ReverseFlasher -1/27/2024,10:45 AM

@AquaClunge - tbf lip injections and filler are super common and not considered plastic surgery. In six months her face will go back to normal (if she lets it lol)

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Gizmoduck -1/27/2024,12:41 PM

@ReverseFlasher - it does not go back to normal, it gets weird, and wrinkly due to the stretching skin. Ive seen so many lip filler women who cant stop because when it goes away they look even worse. it similar to the synth oil guys who inject it to enhance their arms look.

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S8R8M -1/27/2024,10:37 AM

I had the runs this morning. Can that get an article on this site? Thank you.

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Super12 -1/27/2024,10:39 AM

I mean, Kelly ain't wrong...and no one should be bullied or harassed over this, but they need to be told the hard truth or this sickness will just keep spreading. Why this woman would believe in any way that she needs plastic surgery is beyond me. She's hurting herself, and as a public figure she's influencing younger girls to do the same. So....yes, bring on the public shaming.

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TheVisionary25 -1/27/2024,10:39 AM

I feel like she’s just lost weight since her face seems longer & skinnier to me (and she’s also getting older)….

The makeup in the newer picture doesn’t do her any favors imo but honestly , it’s none of my business.

We don’t know what’s been going on with her and it’s not right to make assumptions so let it be and leave her in peace.

She’s a good actress and I’m looking forward to seeing her arc as Starlight in The Boys S4 since I liked it and her so far!!.

THE BOYS Star Erin Moriarty Hits Back At Claims She's Undergone Extensive Plastic Surgery (32)

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AC1 -1/27/2024,10:41 AM

The amount of people in these comments who clearly don't know how to read is shocking. She clearly explains the photo in question is over a decade old and the difference in looks is due to extensive makeup.

Contouring with makeup can make a huge difference in how people look, I remember a few years ago there was a thing circulating about a girl who'd apparently had a sh*t tonne of surgery to look like Angelina Jolie and looked like a zombie. Pretty sure she got arrested over it because she lives in Iran and it's considered blasphemy which is illegal there. She then had to come out and explain it was a hoax and it was all makeup, and she actually looked totally normal.

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ReverseFlasher -1/27/2024,10:50 AM

@AC1 - did you see the newest season of boys? Between seasons she definitely had obvious lip injections and maybe some filler in her face too.

That being said you arent wrong about contouring or the photo.

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THE BOYS Star Erin Moriarty Hits Back At Claims She's Undergone Extensive Plastic Surgery (2024)
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