Daily Brief - July 9, 2024 (2024)

July 9, 2024

Daily Brief - July 9, 2024 (1)

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean visits Campus and Folk Festival

President Hawkinson hosted Congresswoman Madeleine Dean to campus Wednesday, July 3, for a tour of the DeLight E. Breidegam Building: Headquarters of Kutztown University's Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, and the Kutztown Folk Festival. Congresswoman Dean's presence underscores her support for celebrating our community's rich heritage and traditions. Her attendance offered an excellent opportunity to discuss the festival's impact on local culture and economy, as well as current legislative efforts relevant to our community.

University Relations

Daily Brief - July 9, 2024 (2)

KU Valladolid Spain Summer Study Abroad

Eight students from our university, comprising Spanish majors and minors, spent five weeks studying Spanish at the Universidad de Valladolid in Spain. The program included intensive language classes, cultural excursions during the weekdays and weekend travels to various Spanish cities. Students lived with host families, providing them with an immersive cultural experience that extended their learning beyond the classroom. During their stay, students attended daily Spanish language classes focused on advanced grammar, conversation skills and Spanish literature. Cultural excursions included visits to Valladolid's historical sites such as the Cathedral, the National Sculpture Museum and the Plaza Mayor. Students also participated in local festivals such as Noche de San Juan. In an amazing stroke of luck, Valladolid’s soccer team won promotion to Spain’s top division, La Liga, while we were there and there were major celebrations in the Plaza and around town (some of the students were at the championship game). On weekends, the students traveled to different cities in Spain. In Salamanca, they admired the historic University and the vibrant Plaza Mayor. Segovia offered a glimpse into ancient history with its Roman aqueduct and the Alcázar. In Madrid, the students visited to the Prado Museum, Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor and did some shopping in the famous Gran Via. In Alicante, students enjoyed the coastal atmosphere and visited the Castle of Santa Bárbara. With this experience, the students earned six credits towards their Spanish major or minor, and lifetime memories and friends from Spain and sister universities also participating in the program. We have started plans for Valladolid 2025; look for us at the Study Abroad fair this coming fall.

Carolina Moctezuma, Modern Languages

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KU Presents! 2024-2025 Season Subscriptions Available

Enjoy the same great seats to all seven entertaining KU Presents! Performing Artists Series or three Family Series performances by subscribing before Thursday, Aug. 1. Experience the improvised musical parody Shamilton, an evening of fortepiano with Daniel Adam Maltz, Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez, a Journey tribute by E5CAP3, Grammy® Award-winner Kurt Elling, Bill Blagg Family Magic and so much more. Subscribers also receive access to discounted tickets to Special Events. Subscriptions can be purchased online or by calling 610-683-4092. Tickets to individual performances will be available starting Thursday, Aug. 1.


KU Presents!


Weather forecasts are provided by KU's Dr. Michael Davis and "Monsoon Mike" Regensburger

Heat advisory continues. Party sunny, hot and humid. Chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm as a weak front hangs over the area. High 93. Heat index around 102.


Perk Up Truck Update

The Perk Up Coffee Truck is available on campus every Tuesday this month, 9 a.m. to noon, parked by the Sharadin Arts Building. Visit their truck for a variety of hot and iced coffee, teas, smoothies, specialty drinks and more. They accept cash and card payments. This truck is open to all in the Kutztown community.

Dining Services

Upcoming Events
DateTime Event
July 6-13--Summer Music Festival
Kutztown, Pa.
July 151 p.m.Ken Steward Retirement Reception
250 MSU

Women's Basketball, Men's Tennis earn PSAC Team GPA Awards

The Kutztown University's women's basketball and men's tennis teams registered the highest team grade point averages among Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) institutions in their respective sports for the 2023-24 academic year, earning PSAC Top Team GPA Awards.

Women's Basketball and Men's Tennis earn PSAC Team GPA Awards

Sports Information


Persons with a disability, and who require accommodation, should notify the Disability Services Office two weeks prior to the event at 610-683-4108 or email DSO@kutztown.edu, TDD number: 610-683-4499, in order to discuss accommodations. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations. Please note: Kutztown University does not provide wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Notify the university of an accessibility concern

Non-Discrimination Statement

Kutztown University does not discriminate in employment or educational opportunities on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. To discuss a complaint of discrimination, please contact the Office of Social Equity, Old Main A-Wing, Room 02, by phone at 610-683-4700 or by e-mail at pena@kutztown.edu. Pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Kutztown University does not discriminate on the basis of sex and prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity that it operates, including admissions and employment. Any inquiries regarding the application of Title IX at Kutztown University may be made to Bradley Davis, the university’s Title IX coordinator, located in Old Main A-Wing, Room 02A, by phone at 610-683-4782 or by email at titleix@kutztown.edu. You may also contact the Office for Civil Rights located in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Bldg., 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202-1100, by phone at 800-421-3481 (TDD: 800-877-8339), by fax at 202-453-6012, or by e-mail at OCR@ed.gov.

Daily Brief - July 9, 2024 (2024)
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