Interesting Taco Toppings

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Tacos are one of the most popular dishes to make at home. They’re easy to make, taste great, and the components don’t cost much. However, with a few distinct toppings you can change the flavor of the entire meal. In this report, we will look at 5 imaginative toppings to create your tacos stand out.

One rare taco topping that tastes great is fresh cilantro, also called chinese parsley and coriander. You can buy fresh cilantro at your neighborhood grocery store. When your tacos are ready to serve, cut the fresh cilantro into little pieces and place in a bowl. This goes great with almost any type of tacos you create.

Another unique taco topping is scallions. Scallions have hollow green leaves and are sometimes called green onions or spring onions. Although they taste like onions, their flavor is milder. The reason they make such a excellent taco topping is because they allow you to cook your tacos without onions, because some of your guests might not like that flavor, but you still have the choice to add an onion flavor to your tacos using scallions as a garnish.

Lime juice is yet another simple, unique topping for your tacos. I prefer to cut up several fresh limes into wedges and place them in a small bowl next to my other taco toppings. You may then squeeze the limes on your tacos as wanted. If you don’t have access to fresh limes, any type of lime juice you find in the store can act as a substitute.

Want to give a whole new meaning to the phrase”tex-mex meals”? Believe it or not, BBQ sauce actually tastes good on your tacos. It’s the perfect alternative flavor when you have guests that don’t enjoy hot food.

My personal favorite unique taco topping is garlic. Chop up a few cloves of fresh garlic, fry for a minute (until brown) in olive oil or butter, then put in a dish next to your other taco toppings. Make certain you put a little spoon in the bowl so guests can add this garlic topping to their tacos without needing to touch it with their hands (because of the smell). If you do not have fresh garlic or are feeling lazy, just use some garlic powder and sprinkle it over your tacos.

As you can see, there are lots of unique toppings to use on tacos. While it’s great to have all the regular toppings, having just one or two of those creative toppings too can make your tacos both unique and extra tasty!

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