Understanding Reality

Many times it is not possible to define reality.

I think all of us have had moments in time when objects or living beings appeared to make us question our definition of reality.

There are many stories I have heard about people seeing their relatives that have passed on, appearing before their eyes in three dimensional reality.

These instances suddenly occur, we see them, consider them, maybe we even related them to those we think may be receptive and then the moment is saved away in our subconscious mind, often never to be thought of again.

We contemplate the singular circumstance, perhaps even find someone else who has had a similar experience, and after finding no logical explanation, we go on with our lives.

These holes in reality can occur and do happen anywhere on planet earth, but can be more prevalent in areas like Sedona Arizona where the vortex energy leads to a more favorable atmosphere for such activity.

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Often times they occur because the individual is attempting to take care of a life changing event or they are prepared to start a new religious enlightenment, or maybe, because of the symbolism involved, it might be a forewarning of events to come in their life.

I have heard of several such events in individuals lives shortly after the departure of a loved relative or friend where the man that has passed suddenly appears before their own eyes.

Often times, no words are spoken and before the observer can comprehend what’s happening, the entity leaves without a trace. The observer is often left perplexed, astonished, Wildlife Control Service Port St Lucie,¬†and questioning his sanity.

In my own humble presence on planet earth, there have been a number of such reality shattering events.

It was a chilly Sunday January morning in southern Indiana, the previous evening a cold front had blown through and deposited a couple of inches of snow on the stark winter landscape.The day started under a bright winter sunshine, with the temperature hovering near zero.

My three teenage daughters and I were preparing to depart for sunday school, when suddenly this ear piercing noise resonated from the field across from our rural residence.

What we saw was almost unbelievable. We saw a large black panther just waking up from his sleep, stretching and  ready to start it is day. After doing it is morning yoga, he looked around and hastened into the adjoining forest, never to be seen again.

We stood in amazement, what was this huge cat, bigger than anything we’d ever seen before doing here in the frozen northland of Indiana?

My two younger daughters did not see it, they were in the rear of the home getting dressed for church.

This is not surprising, my oldest daughter and I have been on similar spiritual paths all our lives. We humans always unconsciously attract to us the events required to advance our knowledge, so it would only be natural for Annette and I to see the panther, while the others would be oblivious to the function.

It was shameful, what did the color black represent, and what does a panther reflect in the religious world?

At the time, none of this entered my mind, we were just overwhelmed about what we’d seen and that was enough of a jolt last us for some time.

It would take a long time before the full significance of that vision would be understood and the message soul was trying to communicate.

Many times these revelations come during times of psychological stress or extreme weather fluctuations, the cold snow and front certainly created an intense weather change.

The black panther can symbolize many things that warn us of forthcoming events that could be construed as negative.

The marriage had been on the rocks for many years, and we were divorced a brief time after that.

In retrospect, the whole situation was a message from beyond reminding us of our present life situation.

I never interpreted it at the time,but over time, for this, I learned to translate such messages from other realities and be forewarned or informed of future or current coming events.

All this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained.

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